What’s up with Chelsea lately?

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Has anyone noticed Chelsea Handler’s face lately? What’s up wit dat? I happen to think it’s because she became BFFs with  Jen Aniston recently. I bet all they do is practice yoga and drink Smart water and smoke cigarettes.

Her face was healthier looking before. It took the edge off all the mean (yet extremely funny) things she says on her show. Now her skinny-withdrawn-minimal makeup wearing face makes her look like an extra in Twilight. Maybe she took some cheek implants out….whatever it was I think she should reverse it, or at least try to accentuate the positive with makeup. I’m not saying she has to get all Jerseylicious on us, but a little blush, some bronzer, and maybe some mascara would help. 

I know I don’t normally blog about people like that, but I figure since Chelsea can dish it so well, she can take a little constructive criticism (*wink*). What do you think?




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