One day it will all make sense

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Dreams do come true…… I met Common at this years book festival. And I know I knew it before, but it is confirmed, he is a fine piece of African American man candy!!!!!

I like Common, not just because he is FINE, but because unlike many in the hip hop community he speaks from an intellectual point of view. So many young artists aren’t really saying anything, they are just matching words together that rhyme, talking about all the stuff they don’t really have, and literally having sex on tape.

 In a world that has become so obsessed with shoving images down our throats and telling us what to like and what to feel, Common’s music and spoken word allows you to close your eyes and imagine ‘what could be’ for yourself. If you can allow yourself to be open minded and not follow the masses, you could be taken to another place mentally and spiritually. And ladies you know there is nothing like a man who can get into your psyche!  LHM!

Common isn’t the only one who moves me this way, Jill Scott, Mos Def, Lauren Hill, Dead Prez, and Maya Angelou are a few others. The Def Poetry Jam is an amazing congregation of positivity in hip-hop. I’m so glad that we have an inspiring group of individuals that are showing the younger generations what hip hop truly is. Below are a few clips that I feel moved by. If you feel the same, together let us speak the words of swahili that mean “we are in agreement with one another”, Ashe! Ashe! Ashe!


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