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Posted: August 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Although I love to read I have never been into poetry. My friend Julie introduced me to a poet named Javan (figuratively not literally;http://www.cookingwithgas.us/javan/javan.html) thru this first poem, I am moved every time I read it:

I am an individual
Completely unique
A composite of everything
And everyone
That ever touched my life
And tho I will not change for you
I cannot be with you
Without being changed by you

 I would only hope that others going through a breakup, like I am at the moment, can find it in their hearts to consider their relationships in this way. I think it would greatly help in the healing process.

The Cosby Show - 02x04 Cliff in Love

Okay, I know all this poetry stuff is very cliché, very Sandra Huxtable breaking up with Elvin, very 80’s rat pack movie, but so what?!?!? You do have to go through a period to get it all out of your system. Draw the shades, grab a pint of Haagen Daaz, curl up on the couch in your favorite sweats and read this next one:

Someone asked me
If I had forgotten you
With a moment’s thought and a subtle smile
I answered no

No, I haven’t forgotten
The years we shared
When you gave to me
And I gave to you
And like everything else in life
Some was good
Some was bad

But to completely forget
Would create a void in my life

So even as I say
I’m over you
I have the strength to choose
Not to forget you

After watching a tear jerking mini-movie marathon of Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, and Castaway blow your nose and read this next one:

I speak
Because I know my needs
I speak with hesitation
Because I know not yours
My Words
Come from my life’s experiences
Your understanding
Comes from yours

Because of this
What I say
And what you hear
May not be the same

So if you will listen carefully
But not with your ears
To what I say
But not with my tongue

Maybe somehow
We can communicate

And after inhale a pan of brownies, some chinese takeout, and wash it down with a giant cherry slurpee check out the next one:

It’s a delicate situation
When two people come together
And one needs a friend
While the other needs a lover

And unless they have the wisdom
To communicate with each other
One will have no friend
The other will have no lover

Now that you’ve got that out of your system, you better ‘sh*t/shower/shave’ because you ain’t gonna get the next one hiding in the dark getting fat! Move it honey!


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