The Talk

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Kinda sucks….. So I caught The Talk the other day, it is supposed to be competition to The View……but it’s not…….at all! I’m not trying to knock anyone’s hustle, BUT I am a strong believer in recognizing that you just can’t do everything, at least not very well. It’s like the saying, “Just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it”. Well just because someone offered these ladies a talk show doesn’t mean they should all have accepted.

Worst of all, they didn’t mesh well. I couldn’t imagine these women hanging out together after the show. There isn’t a rhythm to their banter and they don’t bounce well off each other. Maybe it’s because its new and they need to practice doing that, but as a viewer I don’t want to wait around for them to get it together. At one point Leah Remini says to Holly Robinson Peete, “Were you done? Because I didn’t want to interrupt if you were still speaking.” and Holly replies, “No, I’m not done!” It was awkward and uncomfortable. Even if it was meant jokingly it was just plain weird.


First of all, Sharon Osbourne has destroyed her face! I don’t want to look at her for an hour at a time. I thought she was aging gracefully, then she went and jacked everything up with a facelift. I would sue that plastic surgeon! Beyond that, she has deviated away from what we loved about her. She was the protective-sassy-trash talking-mama bear on her reality show. On The Talk she has tried to turn into what she thinks an anchor should sound like, it’s very unnatural and sounds phoney. That’s one word I never thought I would use to describe Sharon Osbourne.

Next, there’s Leah Remini. I love her as an actress. I understand she probably wants to branch out from the sassy-funny-tough-new york cookie that she has played in the past, but she did it soo well!!!! I think character actors have gotten a bad rap, too many people want to be stars. There is a lot of good money in that niche, and a lot of actors that have had long successful careers (i.e. Loretta Devine, Luis Guzman, and Marissa Jaret Winokur just to name a few) as character actors.

Next, Sara Gilbert. Seriously?!?! I don’t have to say anything about this one do I? Where was the relevance in this casting?

Next, Holly Robinson Peete. She is the only one that makes a believable talk show host. She could have done this show by herself, or with one other person. I could see myself having The Talk with Holly and her +1.  Julie Chen being the +1. She did not appear on the episode that I saw, but as already being an established anchor/host she provides some credibility to the panel. Holly has already established herself as a spokesperson for Autism. She is clear, direct, well-spoken, and she is funny from her background as a comedic actress. In the show I caught, she went a little bit overboard (straddling another panelist until her dress rose up over her hips and we saw her spanx), but it wasn’t in a ‘i’m trying too hard’ kinda way. It was more like an ‘I do this all the time with friends at home because i’m kind of a goof like that’ kind of way.

Marissa Jaret Winokur is no longer a co-host. She is pictured above, so I feel I need to mention her. I can’t comment much, but I will say that I didn’t even recognize her as a blonde. Maybe she wants to shy away from her character actor roots too. But then she’s also shying away from her fan base and any connection to the audience that she would be expected to draw in as a panelist.  There is something very settling to know that my fave celebrities always look like who I fell in love with (Red headed Julia Roberts, Pixie cut Halle Berry, Platinum Blonde Christina Aquilera, Dreadlocked Whoopi Goldberg). Think about it like this, a couple has been married 20years. The woman may have tried 50 new hairdos, fashions, diets, plastic surgeries but I’ll be damned if her husband won’t remember her just as she was the first time he laid eyes on her. In his mind he is always going to remember her that way, and she will never look any better than she did that day. That’s how I feel about celebrities. They can change it up for a movie role, but when they step back out on a red carpet I want it back to the FAB I know and love!


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