Whatever happened to Customer Service?

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have been working since I was 14yrs old (11 if you count babysitting). One thing I have learned in the many jobs I’ve held is customer service.  All it is really is listening to people and not losing your cool. Do the best you can to help them, and apologize if there is nothing else you can do.

Most people will not blame you if it is company policy that prevents them from getting help. Of course there are always those few that are just waiting to fly off the handle, and you can’t do anything about those nuts. I remember that during the orientation of most of my jobs we were trained on how to deal with customers for this very reason.  If it gets to be too much, call a supervisor.

Somewhere along the way that must have stopped. I am amazed by people who looked and sound bothered by my questions. I am flabbergasted by the rolling eyes and necks, the talking over you, the outright ignoring you, the reluctance to even try to help you. And it is exponentially worse when it’s a supervisor that does it!!!!

I have had two very bad experiences with customer service lately. One was at LabCorp and one with Copa Airlines.  Do these companies really think that they are so big that they can just treat people any kind of way? I am going to refuse to patronize any establishment where I am not treated like a valued customer. Additionally, I’m going to use my blog to tell anyone whose reading about how I have been mistreated. I know that whatever experience I have had has probably been shared by 100 other people. If we put the word out there on these establishments maybe we can initiate a change in their treatment of customers.

Below is a link to a website called Viewpoints. Several people already started on their dislike of  Copa airlines so I will just cosign on what has already been written. I encourage you to take a look and think twice before spending your money with this company.



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