Bye Bye Red Meat!

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve been reading a lot on Ayurvedic diets, yoga, and the Blood Type diet(I’m Type A-  All of them say similar things in that I would benefit from a vegetarian lifestyle. While I’m not ready to go completely vegetarian, I have decided to phase red meat from my diet. I realized I don’t eat a lot of red meat anyway, so I’m hoping that will work in my favor. But every once in a while, there is NOTHING in the world like a big, thick, juicy hamburger!

I’ve had my share of turkey burgers, and I have very much enjoyed them. But every once in a while I will seriously crave an original beef hamburger. I always said that if I moved abroad the one thing I would miss is an American hamburger. There is nothing quite like it anywhere in the world.

To commemorate my new healthier lifestyle, I am going to have a going away party for red meat by having my last hamburger.

I need to decide where to get the last burger from. Five Guys? Fudruckers? The Food Network recommends Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington or Mother’s in Baltimore. I need your help, tell me what you think!!

  1. Leticia Moore says:

    I had my last burger last August. That’s when I phased out red meat. This August I plan to “try” to phase out pork, but i’m not sure how well that will go. The red meat thing has been pretty easy, except for the burgers. I made some bomb a** turkey burgers one night and I even gave Pete one to try, lol! The problem comes when I go out to eat and I want a burger. It seems like nobody makes turkey burgers 😦

    Good luck!

    • Always,Allison says:

      Ruby Tuesdays makes a pretty decent turkey burger. I also have the recipe for Oprah’s favorite turkey burger from Mar-a-Lago, if you ever want to try it. I think they come out pretty well.

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