Let’s Move!

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

I must say that I am really excited about the First Lady’s initiative to get the nation’s young people on the move, http://www.letsmove.gov/. I remember back when I was little, we had to go outside to play. I have lots of fond memories playing kickball and red rover with my cousins in my grandparents backyard. We used to walk to the store with my grandmother (who never learned how to drive).  And we spent several summers taking swimming lessons in the park, and riding bikes all over the neighborhood.

Our parents limited the amount of time we spent playing Nintendo and watching tv indoors. And I remember when McDonald’s and Pizza Hut were a treat and not dietary staples. 

It’s not fair to allow your children to start off life with a handicap that was completely preventable. I know I’m not yet a parent, and I’m sure it is very hard when both parents have to work, and stopping for fast food becomes the easy choice at the end of a difficult day. But I also know that over weight children become over weight adults who are sick and have self-esteem issues.

Regardless of  gender, race, socioeconomic status there are a lot of inexpensive/time sensitive options that you can give your family. By doing them together you get to share quality time:

1. Jump rope for 10minutes.

2. Choose water as the preferred beverage.

3. Dance party  http://youtu.be/wc_PizWNp6k, http://youtu.be/mYP4MgxDV2U

4. Leave fruits and raw veggies out on the counters.

5. 30min walk after dinner.

6. Don’t eat or drink after 8pm.

7. Do push ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks during commercial breaks while watching tv.

8. Choose water as the preferred beverage (it’s worth repeating!)


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