Relationship Quiz

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

So some of you may know that I listen to The Kane Show on 99.5FM every morning. They found this quiz from some psychologist that said in order to have a long-term healthy relationship you should be able to successfully answer 4 out of 8  of the questions below. (COMPLETE answers only, you get no credit for PARTIALLY answered questions)

1. What is your partner’s favorite food?

2. Does your partner want pets?

3. What is your partner allergic to?

4. What is your partner’s happiest moment in life?

5. What is your partner’s saddest moment in life?

6. Does your partner want children? How many? How soon?

7. Do you know what would make the best birthday present for your partner?

8. What is your partner’s biggest regret?


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